Managing The Generation Gap Seminar

It was really a very inspiring experience to participate in the Managing the Generation Gap Seminar. This special program was put together by a talented and well experienced educator, Dr. David MacLeod.

As a health care professional specializing in geriatrics and family medicine, I have participated in workshops that focus on aging, diseases of aging, and how we can reduce the age gaps in our society. This program is all about building capacity and supporting young people to achieve their full potential.

Although this seminar was organized to address the issues of the generation gap, it went a step further to provide a deeper understanding of the power of youth. It is amazing what we can do with a little motivation, creativity, and information sharing! The team is an exceptional one that met for the first time in the seminar.

Many participants have a special relationship with youth. I've seen firsthand how these students bring a warmth and enthusiasm to the room. These young adults are reaching their potential by setting goals and striving to make them a reality. They are an inspiration to all who will listen to them.

I was honored to be part of such a unique group of individuals from so many walks of life and so many disciplines. They were all part of a thriving community that wanted to take charge of their future. They wanted to make sure they built a solid foundation for the future.

This seminar reinforced that you don't have to wait until retirement to make your mark on society. A young person is as important as an old person, if not more. Let's not be afraid to embrace the future.

At the National Leadership Summit, most of the speakers spoke about how they took a proactive approach to change the direction of their life. These were bold changes that started with the simple act of making a commitment to change and stay focused.

The first of the seminar activities were sponsored by the Generation Gap Fund and the National Center on Demography and Health. I attended these programs to learn about current trends and to ask questions about ways that I could contribute to addressing the issues of the generation gap. I found out that we are indeed headed towards a silver tsunami of young adults being diagnosed with a variety of diseases.

Because we now know this is a complex issue, the seminar provided a forum for students to openly discuss their struggles. I discovered that just as people from my generation pushed through the issues, there are many students who want to overcome their challenges and move ahead.

I'm not saying that the Generation Gap seminar was perfect. In fact, the evening session did not reflect the spirit of the program. Overall, the program was successful and I have every intention of attending the next seminar in order to re-focus my career.

The rest of the program highlighted some of the great accomplishments of young people and the global health crisis they are facing in today's society. These students and their students are helping to cure disease and help the development of nations. Their compassion for others goes beyond their own needs.

The seminar gave me a great perspective of what a balanced, creative program can do to solve the issues of the generation gap. Youth are creating new paths in their lives and providing encouragement to the millions of them that struggle with achieving success. Even though this seminar was successful in bringing together so many different types of students, I still feel there is much to be done to overcome the generation gap.